Save new link-points when moving node

I’m saving points to links in my diagram. Is there any event trigged or any other solutions to pick up which links is moved when moving node - and then be able to save the points? Currently i use a LinkReshaped listener and retrieve points when moving link, but this event is not trigged when moving node…

A ChangedEvent listener will detect that (and many other changes!) on the Diagram, or on the Model if there’s a TwoWay Binding on the Link.points property.

But maybe you should be defining a ChangedEvent listener on the Model and check for e.isTransactionFinished; e.object will then be a Transaction object. Then you can iterate through the Transaction.changes list of ChangedEvents, looking for propertyName === “points”.

I figured out another solution i’m happy with! In my “SelectionMoved” listener i call the method “findLinksConnected” on the selected node - and then iterate through all the relations and retrieve the points.