Save the size of the nodes


How to save the sizes(width and height) of the nodes into the xml files in WPF app? I want to use the method MakeElement(), but I can only get the location of the Data.
Another quistion is : When I used the Group() method in my own WPF app, it just created a new empty Node not contaning any node I'v selected. I have already set the AllowGroup property of the Diagram to true, so as to Part.Groupable property in nodetemplate, grouptemplate and linktemplate.

You’ll need to add your own Width and Height properties to your node data class. And you can data-bind the Width and Height properties of some element in your Node [Template] to these two data properties.

I’m sorry I don’t have access to any of our development systems at this time, but perhaps some properties besides Diagram.AllowGroup or Part.Groupable are preventing grouping. Does CommandHandler.CanGroup() return true? If not, perhaps the model is not Modifiable.

Also, check Diagram.IsReadOnly and Diagram.AllowInsert.