Save / Undo / isModified issue

Recently I posted an issue about Undo / isModified (see:
This issue has been resolved in GoJS 1.4.9

We are now experiencing another issue that might be related:
If I:

  • add a Node to a Diagram
  • delete that same Node
  • save the model (like: set diagram.model.isModified to false)
  • undo the deletion
  • check the diagram.model.isModified property
Then I see that the isModified property incorrectly states false (or: not modified). Following to reproduce it (using GoJS 1.4.9):
Modified: No (as returned by the Modified event)
Last action: 
Add Del Save Undo


We created a bunch of regression tests for 1.4.9, but I guess we didn’t cover that case. We’ll look into it. Thanks again for reporting a bug; sorry for the inconvenience.

I believe this bug will be fixed in 1.4.10, which we hope to release within a few days.
Sorry again for causing you some hassle.

Ok thanks already.

Please try 1.4.10, which is now