Saving and retriveing layout setting


I want to know that how we can save and retrive Layout properties through Layout Setting in GraphNodeXml file. When we make changes through layout setting change is showing but we want to save these changes and when we open this layout again the changes should be reflected. If possible Please provide a sample its veru urgent.

If I’m reading this correctly, you’re talking about the application settings (that a user can modify) that are affecting Layout, not the actual x,y locations of GoObjects.

Is that correct?

If you can I would like to know how to save the x,y location of each node and the arc settings of each link between the nodes.

I would like that every time the user view a diagram it will look exactly the same as last time she view it.

A number of sample applications save in XML format.
Take a look at the ProtoApp, StateCharter or OrgCharter samples.

DataSetDemo saves and restores a diagram from a DataSet.