Saving/Loading Godrawing

Hi Jake - please advice me on saving/loading of GoDrawing objetcs:

wr.WriteAttributeString("Layer", n.Layer.Identifier)
wr.WriteAttributeString("AutoRescales", XmlConvert.ToString(n.AutoRescales)) wr.WriteAttributeString("Editable", XmlConvert.ToString(n.Editable)) I found the Data.Points and Data.Actions but I am dont know how to put it to and from file.
Thanks in advance Thunis

If you are using GoXmlBindingTransformer, you can just do

t.AddBinding(“points”, “Shape.Points”);

Are you really using the lower level GoXmlWriter?

I ran out of time trying to implement GoXmlBindingTransformer to my old code, will attempt it at a later stage in the meantime i got to carry on the old way. how can i do it the old way?

      GoDrawingData data = ((GoDrawing)obj).Data;

WriteAttrVal(attrname, data.Points);

int[] ints = new int[data.Actions.Length];

Array.Copy(data.Actions, ints, ints.Length);

WriteAttrVal(attrname + “Actions”, ints);


PointF[] pts = PointFArrayAttr(attrname, null);

int[] ints = Int32ArrayAttr(attrname + “Actions”, null);

if (pts != null && ints != null) {

byte[] acts = new byte[ints.Length];

for (int i = 0; i < acts.Length; i++) {

unchecked {

acts = (byte)ints;



((GoDrawing)obj).Data = new GoDrawingData(acts, pts);