Scroll bar for diagram

I’m facing issue with horizontal and vertical scroll bar

My diagram’s document bound is greater than viewport bound. So it is rendering horizontal and vertical scroll bar by default.

Below image is when hovering on Canvas element. Canvas element is overriding the scrollbar div element. Because of that, horizontal scroll bar is not working fine. Same goes for vertical scroll bar also.

Is there any way to adjust the height and width of canvas element.

Are you saying that the user is unable to scroll using the scrollbars?

Yes. If i click on overidden area and try to scroll, it will not work.

I have tried by adding scrollmargin as well. But when i scroll to the top, same issues exists

Are you saying that you as a user cannot scroll the diagram in Page Not Found -- Northwoods Software ? Which browser are you using, and on which platform? Do you have any problems in other browsers or other platforms?

Do you accidentally have any CSS rule that is modifying any element within the HTMLDivElement that is hosting the Diagram? I don’t see a problem from the inspector that you showed in the screenshot, but maybe there is one.