Scroll bars for JGoSubGrapph

I added 10 JGoObjects into JGoSubGraph. I want to add scroll buttons on top and bottom of JGoSubGraph, so that I can view all the objects by scrolling up and down. Is JGo supporting this feature? please refer below diagram
| v &nbsp ; | <— Scroll button(Top)
| JGoObject1 |
| JGoObject2 |
| JGoObject3 |
| JGoObject4 |
| JGoObject5 |
| v &nbsp ; | <- Scroll button(Bottom)


No it doesn’t, but you could implement something like this by implementing two buttons. Perhaps they could just be JGo3DRects with some custom painting for the arrows. Then you need to keep track of the first visible item, and make items not-visible if they were before the first visible item, or if they were after the last visible one that fit.
Or you could just use a ListArea, from the examples. That will have a real JScrollBar on the side. Then you could implement a JGoArea that adds a “button” that is implemented much like the JGoSubGraphHandle, along with expand() and collapse() functionality.