Scroll get struck in between


Firstly, I am newbie over here; understand me if I am going wrong.
I am using GoXam for query building in Silverlight.
I am dragging and droping the GoXam object from go:Palette to go:Diagram.
But, When I scrolls go:Diagram by using mousescroll, the object gets fixed to top of the go:Diagram. After that it does moves with mousescroll but, I can drag it by mouse pointer.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.
Kiran Ghanwat

Perhaps you want to set Diagram.HorizontalContentAlignment=“Stretch” and VerticalContentAlignment=“Stretch”.

I have the same issue here and have both set to stretch as well.

OK, I must not be understanding what the problem is.

Could you describe the problem more precisely? What is the observed behavior and what is the desired behavior?

And do both of you really want the same behavior?

Can I mail you a link of our (beta) solution? That is where I can show you what goes wrong.

Sure. Send it to GoXam at our domain.

I sent you the link.

Drop any Shape on the middle of the diagram. When you scroll the mousewheel the Shape gets ‘stuck’ at the top of the diagram.

I still can pan (CTRL-mousemove), but when you scroll again its again going to the top of the drawing.

Scrolling by using the mousewheel should be disabled at all here.

Thanks again.

I see what you mean. We can investigate. I suspect this is a bug that we have already fixed for 1.3.

Great thanks!!

Sent you a mail walter…seems you have solved it.