Scroll in tree mapper looks so janky

All the tree parent relation get jumbled up and overlapped it doesnt look nice if i implement scrolling layout on that group template of the tree mapper is there any better looking scroll implementation for group layout secondly i want to know if the new release with the fixed bug of drag is coming.


The next release should be some time next week. It is currently a US holiday.

We don’t have any other group scrolling solutions, but we’ll look into the jumbling when we return to the office.

It seems like what you really want is for the group’s placeholder to act as a viewport, but GoJS does not have this functionality as groups cannot clip their parts. Any solutions we have for this problem, like Scrolling Group, are just workarounds.

So the problem you are seeing in this case is that the ScrollingGroupLayout lays out nodes in a simple vertical arrangement, while you want to use a TreeLayout. I don’t think this is possible due to the nature of groups being unable to clip their members. Because you have nodes and links at different levels, it isn’t as simple as just setting their visibility as a workaround.

Hi jhardy/walter
We are trying to implement scrollbar in tree mapper and we are facing similar issue as mentioned by no_one345. Is it possible to add scrollbar to tree mapper groups in the current version?

Here’s a demo of a Group having scrollbars that show when the group is selected:
[EDIT: updated links to newer samples]
Clipped Groups with Scrollbars
Clipped Groups with Scrollbars when Selected

However, links connecting to nodes that are partly or completely clipped will continue to connect where those nodes are, which will look like they are dangling because they appear to connect with nothing. That could be improved by overriding the routing of such links, but we don’t have an example of that.

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