Scrollbar not appear in edge browser


We are using gojs to generate hierarchical tree view. In edge browser when we do zoom in and when diagram overflow div element scrollbar does not appear automatically. while in other browsers like chrome, firefox, opera same scenario works fine and scrollbar appear when diagram overflow div element.

Is there any solution for edge browser?

Are you asking about the legacy Edge browser or the new “Edgium” Edge browser?
Which version of GoJS are you using? (Evaluate go.version or go.Diagram.version.)
Can you please telll us how to reproduce the problem?

I am using Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 browser and GoJS version 2.0.16. (go.Diagram.version)

When I perform zoom in action and when diagram starting overflow div element, it should show scrollbar. In chrome browser it works fine, but in edge browser it does not show scrollbar.

I recommend first trying the latest version of GoJS (2.1.18) to see if we have already added a work-around for that browser.

If that doesn’t help, it would be nice if you could tell us how to reproduce the problem.

Okay. I will try with latest GoJS version and get back to you.


I have uploaded two screenshots for one diagram. As you can see in chrome browser when diagram overflows div it shows scroll bar, while in edge browser it does not show scroll bar. I have tired with GoJS version 2.1.19 but it still not work for edge browser. Please help.

If you open this in Edge:

Do you see the scrollbar at the bottom? I think this issue may come from custom scrollbars you have defined. If you can share enough reproducible code for it, I will investigate. You can send us email, gojs @

Yes, when I open in edge it shows scroll bar.

So, as you suggested let me check in our custom scrollbar code.

I have removed custom scrollbar code and checked in edge browser, still scrollbar not appeared.

Below is the css code, I have used for custom scroll bar.

::-webkit-scrollbar {

width: 5px;

height: 5px;


::-webkit-scrollbar-track {

-webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 6px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);

border-radius: 10px;

background-color: #e6e6e6;


::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {

background-color: #999;

border-radius: 10px;


Please check and let me know if anything wrong in the code.

The legacy Edge browser is not a webkit browser, so why would you expect it to respond to CSS rules for webkit?

The legacy Edge browser is automatically being replaced by the new Edge browser that is based on Chromium. Have you tried that?

Yes, we know that webkit is only used for chrome browser. So, we are not considiering it for edge browser. But it should show edge default scollbar, which is not appear. Even after removal of webkit related css, there is no scrollbar for edge browser.

That’s really weird, and there must be something else going on still perhaps with your CSS.

Using just that custom scrollbar, everything should still work in Edge, it should just have a non-custom scrollbar instead. So I think its some other CSS that you have that is causing the problem, but I cannot be sure what that is. I suggest making a very simple, small diagram that has a diagram big enough to show scrollbars, and then removing parts of your CSS until you find out what’s stopping the scrollbar from being displayed.