Scrollbar overlay on drawing canvas


I have scroll mode set to infinite. Scrollbar shows fine but it will overlay on my drawing canvas a little bit. The size of scroll bar is 17px I think. And the generated canvas is only 11px to the bottom and right border. Hence, I see an overlap. Any thought why this happen? My diagram is binding to diagrammingPanelBody.

Also, I have set an overview as well which mimic the way here. Org Chart Static


What results do you get in different browsers? And on different operating systems?

We only have Windows as OS. And we can get the same issue on both Chrome and IE11. I also tried edge, it seems work fine.

Then I go to F12 in Edge and the distance from canvas to the bottom is 11px as well. That is to say, the scroll bar size is wrongly computed. I get stuck here since I cannot see the element of scrollbar in F12. Any idea?

The scrollbars are implemented via a DIV inside that DIV that is a sibling of the Canvas element. (Caution: you cannot depend on the contents of the DIV that you give to the Diagram. I’m just telling you what you seem to have right now. The implementation has changed in the past and will change in the future.)

We’ll investigate this.

Thanks Walter. If anything found, can you reply to this thread to let me know? It seems like I have no control of the sibling div since it is generated from your library.

Hi, can you send us an example of this happening, such as an .html file that reproduces the issue? We’d like to investigate further.

Edit, nevermind, I see your email thread.

What was the outcome of this thread?
I think we have a similar issue with EdgeHTML 18 (The old Edge browser, as we are unfortunately tied to using it through our Cordova UWP app.)

While the scrollbar is not visible we can see an empty border: