Scrollbar Refresh

I am using a third party scrollbar for skinning purposes.
goView.HorizontalScrollBar = null;
goView.VerticalScrollBar = null;
goView.BottomBar = infragisticsHorzScrollBar; // Infragistics Scrollbar
goView.RightBar = infragisticsVertScrollBar; // Infragistics Scrollbar
It is working fine except for when the when the window is resized. I tried using the GoView_Resize event and executing the refresh method for both GoView and Scrollbars but is doesnt work. Any ideas?

If I remember from an earlier post, you said that the Infragistics controls are not derived from HScrollBar and VScrollBar… right?

We handle resize via:

protected override void OnSizeChanged(EventArgs evt) {
LayoutScrollBars(false); // call first, to update DisplayRectangle

LayoutScrollBars lays out the controls with caring about what they are.

UpdateView calls UpdateScrollBars() – which only works if the controls are HScrollBar and VScrollBar.

UpdateScrollbars does:

/// Update the scroll bars for this view, changing the minimum/maximum/value
/// and visibility as appropriate.

which is what I’m guessing you need to do.