Scrollbars Not Working

As you can see the Scrollbars are continuing to the bottom of the window. If I manually resize the window they fix themselves. However, I cannot expect the user to constantly be resizing the window.
Additionally, if I do not display the nodes on loading the window and put a button on the form to display the nodes they display correctly. However, again I cannot expect the users to do this.
I am at a lose on this issue. I have tried all the UpdateView, UpdateScrollBar methods and nothing works. Has anyone got any other ideas?

reference to earlier discussion:

I thought you had discovered some workaround with a Focus event.
Your earlier comment was "The GoView is docked (Fill) below a windows toolbar. These 2 controls make up 1 larger control which is docked (Fill) in a panel."
Can you do either of these:
1) build a small app from scratch that uses just this combined control?
2) get rid of this control-within-a-control design and go to a separate toolbar and GoView in the parent form?
Number 1 would tell us if these is a problem with the control design, or something else about the startup of the overall project.
Number 2, I suspect... would fix the problem. but that's just a guess.