Scrolling a Background Image

Hello. I’m trying to get a GoView to allow me to scroll based on a background image. I’d seen a previous post for Version 2.2 that said to set

Document.Size = new SizeF(view.BackgroundImage.Width, view.BackgroundImage.Height);
I've tried this in 2.6 without success. Is there something that changed where this no longer works? (I am using a map as the background image and would like to be able to move it around an place icons on the large map.)
I've tried playing with the View sheet style, document fixed size, etc. but haven't found the right combination of settings to get a scrolling background. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A simple test with Basic App works… how are you setting up your GoView?

Basic App doesn’t use Sheets. For something using Sheets, this might be what you’re looking for:

GoImage bg = new GoImage();
bg.Name = @"C:\GoDiagramMySamples\usa.bmp";
goDrawView1.Sheet.BackgroundImage = bg;
goDrawView1.Sheet.BackgroundImageSpot = GoObject.TopLeft;
goDrawView1.Sheet.BackgroundImage.Size = goDrawView1.Sheet.Size - goDrawView1.Sheet.TopLeftMargin- goDrawView1.Sheet.BottomRightMargin;

Hmm, I moved the location of where I initialized teh background and doc size and things are working now. Thanks for double-checking and providing more info. when working with sheets.