Scrolling during selection

I want to select nodes on the chart so I left mouse down and then drag the mouse across the chart. When I get to the edge of the chart, I would expect that the chart should automaticly scoll (similar to dragging a node) so the selection box stays within the chart. However the chart does not scroll and the selection box goes outside of the Windows form.
Is this a configuration issue?

It sounds like doing autoscrolling ought to be an option.
I had thought that this would be easy to implement, by calling GoView.DoAutoScroll on mouse moves and GoView.StopAutoScroll when the tool is stopped, and by overriding ComputeRubberBandBox to account for the moving initial point.
That works fine, but the scrolling messes up the XOR drawing. There’s probably some way to code around that, or to use regular drawing instead (at the expense of reduced performance when using this tool). I don’t have the time to investigate this right now, so I suggest you live with it the way it is.

Thanks for the info
Can we please request that this option be included in a future release of GoDiagram.
If you get a chance to come up with an implementation via overriding the current version that would be great. While users can work around this issue, the process involved soon becomes painful.


I would like to implement autoscrolling during selection feature while selecting. Could you please suggest on how to go about this.
I have both and 3.0 versions available with me.

Try setting your GoToolRubberBanding.AutoScrolling= true;
GoToolRubberBanding tool = view.FindMouseTool(typeof(GoToolRubberBanding)) as GoToolRubberBanding;

tool.AutoScrolling = true;


After the above code changes, autoscrolling while selection
is working fine.