Scrolling performance

I have a diagram with about 20 symbols (GoTextNode subclass) and 20 links (GoLabeledLink subclass) that is appro. 1.5 pages on a 23 inch monitor in full screen.
If I want to scroll using the vert.-scrollbar or the mousewheel, the diagram seems to scroll with a small delay and the gui feels slowly.

Are there any pitfalls that do slow down scrolling?
Tests with switching of the shaded gradients didn’t result in ‘better performance’.

Thanks so far,

You shouldn’t notice any slowness with that small of a number of objects.

Try one or two of the samples we include in the kit to see if you see the same thing there.


I tried some of the examples with a large number of elements without performance issues.

I think it is aproblem with my grid settings

        GridCellSizeHeight = 10F;
        GridCellSizeWidth = 10F;
        GridLineColor = Color.Gainsboro;
        GridLineDashStyle = DashStyle.DashDot;
        GridMajorLineColor = Color.IndianRed;
        GridMajorLineDashStyle = DashStyle.Custom;
        GridMajorLineFrequency = new Size(10, 10);
        GridSnapCellSpot = 0;
        GridSnapDrag = GoViewSnapStyle.Jump;
        GridSnapResize = GoViewSnapStyle.Jump;
        GridStyle = GoViewGridStyle.Line;

Changing the GridCellSizeHeight/Width to 20 results in a better performance…

Am I missing something?