ScrollingTable - scroller and links are going up on top of each other

I’m using scrolling table.
But when I have a scrolling on the side of the node, the links are going up on top of the scroller.
Can I move the links to be a little bit from right?
Attach pic.

Thanks, Chen.

If you look at how the “ScrollingTable” is implemented, in, you’ll see that it consists of a Table Panel with a nested Table Panel holding the rows in column 0 and a scrollbar in column 1.

So the easiest solution for you is to have the scrollbar for node “Alpha” on the left side of the table of rows. That’s easy to accomplish just by setting { "TABLE.column": 2 }.

In fact there’s already a Binding for that in the Node template used in the Scrolling Table sample. So if you are starting from the template in that sample, all you need to do is set left: true in the node data object for “Alpha”. Amazingly enough, that’s exactly what you see when you look at nodes and the data in Scrolling Table.

Thank you very much.
Actually, it’s a great solution, but somethimes I have 3 nodes that are connected, so in those cases, my problem will stay…
Attach pic.
There are more solutions for that?

I suppose you could have the “from” end of links start farther away from the port element, which is the item template. So in your node’s “TABLE.itemTemplate”, where it sets the other port properties, set:

                    fromEndSegmentLength: 24, fromShortLength: 14,

which adds 14 to the default length of the end segment at the “from” end, along with making that end segment 14 units shorter.

If you have circumstances in which the “to” end of links is covering a scrollbar, you could make the same adjustments there.

Working great!!!
Thank you!!