Segment creation rhombus


I can notice that the rhombus that is used for segment creation is not present in the start segment and the end segment , how can i make this appear ?

The first and last segments always have to be lined up with the end points and have fixed length according to fromEndSegmentLength and toEndSegmentLength.

I believe users can always accomplish what they want by dragging the middle segment handle.

but if the user wants to split the end segment into two segments and manipulate the other one , it wont work out.

I agree it can be accomplished by another segment , but i feel it will be in a round about manner,

for example , if i want to change it to the following , it will be more convenient if i can split the from segment , rather than going to the next segment , spliting it and moving it to the desired position so that the from segment settles in my desired position. It can confuse the user.

You simply can’t, by design in GoJS.

You might be able to “fake” it by making the end segments very small and adding extra segments to start, but how you’d go about that really depends on what you’re doing.

will try altering the segment length and let you know