Select and delete points on a link


I’am evaluating GoDiagram Express and should implement the following behaviour:

I can add addional points on a link, if I click on the link. The code for doing this is based on one of the examples.

But I need also a simple way to be able to delete points on a link. I saw expamles which do this via a context menu, but I need to do this without a context menu. I should implement something like this:

  1. Select a link -> all waypoints of the link are shown.
  2. Select and mark a point on the previously selected link.
  3. Delete the selected point.

Is there an example or can give me someone a hint if it is possible to implement step 2 and 3.

Thank you

GoExpress doesn’t have any restrictions in GoStroke, GoSelection or (for the most part) in GoTools, so we can’t think of any way that Express might get in your way here. (since the Express version of Demo1 has GraphLink, it’s possible to add and remove segments from a link.)

However, it's not immediately obvious to me how you might easily implement this "narrowing" of selection from the link to a point on the link. (GoText implements a EditableWhenSelected option that changes the behavior of a GoText based on whether it is selected or not, but that requires some special support we put in GoTool that's "internal" only.)
If you don't want context menus, then maybe something to try would be to take GraphLink from Demo1 and see if you can make context-click be the "eraser" for points instead of the creator of a context menu.