Select Node after Some time interval

hey i have two things to ask ,

  1. Is there any way to dynamically add multiple nodes to another node without reloading the graph.
  2. who can i dynamically highlight or change color of specific node without reloading the graph

Yes, it is normal and far more efficient to modify a model than it is to recreate it. I suppose for small models the user might not notice the delay, but as models get larger or more complicated, it matters.

Furthermore replacing a Diagram.model means losing any diagram state that is not backed by model data properties. Normally most of the state of a Node or Link does not need to be saved in the model. But frequently replacing models means frequently recreating nodes and links, and that might require saving more state in the model data.

  1. Basically, call Model.addNodeData. I don’t know what you mean “to another node”. Maybe you want to do what addNodeAndLink does in the State Chart sample, State Chart

  2. Use data binding to control the appearance of objects in nodes (or links) and call Model.set to modify properties of node data objects. Please read GoJS Using Models -- Northwoods Software and GoJS Data Binding -- Northwoods Software