Select on Mouse Click when Finishing textbox

I have made my own custom textbox using text-editor.js. Everything works great. I have one question though. Is it possible to select what is under the mouse when clicking outside of the textbox? Right now the behavior defaults to finishing the textbox editing first, then I have to click again to select what is under the mouse. Instead, I want it to do both these actions on a single-click. I have tried fileDiagram.toolManager.clickSelectingTool.doMouseDown(); when hiding or blurring the textarea but I have run out of ideas.

I haven’t tried this, but you could try setting Diagram.currentTool to be the ToolManager.clickSelectingTool.

I set the tool when blurring or hiding the textbox and got the following error:
Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'removeChild' on 'Node': The node to be removed is not a child of this node.
Any other ideas?

Oops, I meant starting the ToolManager.textEditingTool.

This seems to work:

      $(go.Diagram, . . .,
        { . . .,
          "textEditingTool.starting": go.TextEditingTool.SingleClick,
          "textEditingTool.acceptText": function(reason) {
  , reason);
            this.diagram.currentTool = this.diagram.toolManager.textEditingTool;

Sweet, with a minor adjustment, I got it working. Thank you:

"textEditingTool.acceptText": function(reason) {, reason);
     this.diagram.currentTool = this.diagram.toolManager.clickSelectingTool;