Selecting a node and moving it

Just wondering is there anyway I can select a node and move only that node selected by 1 millimeter via a button of some sort? Would be great if there is anything on this.


Take a look at the Floor Plan Editor:

Select a node and the arrow keys will move the node in the corresponding direction. This functionality is implemented by the DrawCommandHandler, a custom CommandHandler defined in

You could adapt the code to move by multiples of millimeters (in HTML 1 mm == 3.779528 px).

Thank you walter, I actually have this implemented along with the polygon line and polygon in my app. I have managed to press cmd and arrow keys on my mac when i select a node but it moves everything, I wanted to be able to move only one node by a millimeter. For example say i have drawn a rectangle there is 4 nodes one for each edge i would like to be able to select a particular node and to move only that node by a millimeter of some kind.

Ideally would be nice to have a button that allows us to move it however i want to get the only 1 selected node to be moved first.


All of the relevant source code is right there, so you can adapt it to move by the distance that you want.

And you can put that functionality into a function that can be invoked by a button, whether that is a GoJS Button in the node, or an HTML Button.