Selecting node after dropped it

Hello All,

I am facing problem in selecting node after that node is just dropped onto the canvas.
I need it selected in order to carry out cut, copy operations by using shortcut keys.
please help me.
Thanks in advance.

But that is exactly the default behavior: the DraggingTool automatically selects all of the newly created nodes and links.

Have you modified the DraggingTool or changed the behavior of the Diagram.ExternalObjectsDropped event handler to lose the selection?

I can see that the node getting border arroud it but, when I enter control+C or control+X it doesn't works.
I also checked by overriding the customhandler methods (copy method) but, control doesn't come over there.
When I explicitely single clicks over node, only then expected behaviour of cut, copy occurs.

Oh, that’s because the diagram doesn’t have focus.
The focus is still in the control that was the drag source.

I don’t recommend changing that behavior, because that will confuse users.

But if you insist on doing so, you can implement a Diagram.ExternalObjectsDropped event handler to try to reassign focus to the Diagram.

Thanks for your valueable reply.

I am trying to select or set focus on diagram by Node.IsSelected=true;
but, isn't works.
How to reassign focus to the diagram.

Selection is completely independent of focus.

Focus Overview

That’s for Silverlight; I don’t even know if you are using Silverlight or WPF.

I am using silvelight.

I have overriden method OnNodeAdded() from partmanager.
Where I have added logic related to assigning name, uniq ID to node.
Does that matters for node selection?

That depends. As the documentation for PartManager.OnNodeAdded states, you should not be modifying anything in the model about the node in that method.