Selection bound does not move with selected node

When I drag a new node from palette on to goview canvas, this node was highlighted by a color rectangle. Then, I use the mouse to move this selected node to other position. This color rectangle still exists and the node is highlighted by a new rectangle at new position. Could somebody help me find the reason?

Win or Web? Have you overridden any GoView methods or GoTools?

I am using win 3.02. I override the onselectionmoved method however, I called base method and additional work is update the location stored in database. I did not override any method of gotool

Does the selection highlight disappear during the drag and reappear at the end? If you click in the background, do both highlights disappear?

GoToolDragging.Start calls Selection.RemoveAllSelectionHandles() if HidesSelectionHandles is true at the start of the drag. (and AddAllSelectionHandles in GoToolDragging.Stop() to re-show them).
Another (unlikely?) possibility is there is really some invisible phantom object that is selected in that location. if you do a drag-box selection around the whole area, do you see 2 selected objects?

the selection highlight does not disappear during the drag.
after clicking the background, the highlight with node(with “Sensor”) disappear.However, the other still exists.

Have you overridden any GoView methods, or implemented any GoView event handlers?

If so, how do they modify the view’s selection, or do they?

Also, what’s the answer to Jake’s last question? You might need to write some code or use the debugger to look at the GoView.Selection to see what (if anything) is still selected after you think nothing should be selected.

I overrided the couple of GoView methods, OnBackgroundSingleClicked,OnSizeChanged,OnSelectionDeleting,OnSelectionMoved. However, they do not change the current selection. I used the debugger to check on Jake’s last comment. There is nothing selected as it should be. The OnSelectionMoved method I implemented updates the location of node to store them in the backend bussiness object before calling the base method. I am confused:(

My best advice at this point is to disable those overrides one by one to see when the behavior goes away. Once we know where it is, we can look at that particular code to figure out why.

Perhaps you forgot to call the base method in one of the overrides?