Selection box larger than expected

Below is the format portion of my node template - when I change nodeWidth and nodeHeight, the selection box outline remains the same. What am I not understanding about the width and height definition?

Am I missing something on the Part class that sets the selection size independently?

            $(go.Panel, 'Auto',
                $(go.Shape, 'RoundedRectangle', {
                    fill: grays,
                    width: this.nodeWidth,
                    height: this.nodeHeight,
                    strokeWidth: 0.5,
                    portId: '',
                    fromLinkable: true,
                    toLinkable: true
                    new go.Binding('text'),

textStyle() {
    return { font: '14pt Helvetica', stroke: '#134048', editable: true };

You really shouldn’t be setting with width or height or desiredSize of the main element of an “Auto” Panel.

You will want to either:

  • set the size of the TextBlock, thereby making the whole Auto Panel change size correspondingly, or else
  • set the size of the whole Panel, thereby constraining the size of the TextBlock to fit into that area.

Fixed - there also seemed to be a contribution from an Adornment definition that if I can’t figure it out, I’ll open up another issue. Is there any analogies to CSS flexbox and grid?

Re: analogies between display: flex and “Grid” Panel: vaguely. But “Grid” Panels were designed well before flexbox was even implemented in most of the browsers, and certainly well before flexbox became popular.