Selection Changed Event for Diagram?

When a Node/Link is created, clicked or moved, I'd like to show all its properties in a PropertyGrid beside the Diagram control.
Is there a selection changed event for the Diagram control?
Which event is the easiest to use?
Thanks a lot!

Look at my 2 December answer in the topic Selected Node.

In the 3 December answer I also talked about the Diagram.SelectionChanged event that we will add in the next release.

Basically, the answer is that you should data-bind to the Diagram.SelectedNode property.

I think the LinkDemo sample demonstrates this, although that might not be so obvious.

It also binds IsEnabled to whether myDiagram.SelectedNode or myDiagram.SelectedLink is non-null, using a NullBooleanConverter. That way you can disable your properties controls when there is nothing selected.