Selection in ScrollingTable


I need to add select/unselect/multiselect functionality to Scrolling Table. I started with “click” function on “ScrollingTable” or “TableRow”. It returns column’ “TextBlock” as a “targetObject”, which are not Panels and do not allow me to find a full row which I need to deal with.
Are there any samples I can utilize instead of implementing it from scratch?

Thank you,

You might find this sample instructive:

Yes, the InputEvent.targetObject will be the GraphObject where the event happened. The GraphObject argument to the event handler ( in your case) will be the object on which you had declared the event handler. The processing of event handlers starts at the target object and bubbles up through containing panels, calling event handlers along the way. It stops when an event handler sets InputEvent.handled to true.

So your code could walk up the chain of GraphObject.panels until it finds one that has Panel.type === go.Panel.TableRow or whatever you are looking for.

Thank you, I will start from here