Selection Rectangle


I have lot of nodes in my view. When i select the nodes it shows green rectangle around all nodes selected.
I want to draw rectangle around all selected nodes, so users can select the selection objects.
Here i am attaching screen shot explaining the my reqirement.
Can you give some suggestions how can i do it.

No, I’m not really following you.

Go already has drag-box selection, but it looks you want the drag box to remain after you do the mouse-up?

Is that right?

Hello Jake,

After mouseup i want leave rectangle(drag box) should be available.
I want click on drag box and move without clicking shift key.
And if i click with in a drag box selection should remains same.
If i click out side the dragbox dragbox and selection should go.
Looking for your suggestions.

Is there another Windows app in the world that does selection like this? Please point me at it so I can go experiment.


I think this functionality quite common for most of drawing packages.

Here is examples PAINT.NET and AutoSkecth.

Attaching screen shot for your verification.

Yes, but that’s a Paint program, where there aren’t separate drawing objects, right? You really are selecting all those pixels in the selection box, not the object(s) within the box.

If you select 4 nodes in GoDiagram (like in your original screenshot), mouse-down-drag on any of the nodes will drag all 4. Ctrl-click will toggle selection of a node, and Shift-click will add to the selection. All standard Windows interactions.

Could you implement what you are asking for in GoDiagram? Sure… we take pride in the design that really lets you implement anything you want, while at the same time have a default behavior that is what 95% of users want anyway.

But I really don’t think what you’re asking for is a good idea.