Selectionmoved callback doesnt give links points changed

Selection moved callback gives only nodes changes but the links attached with it are not present init.
when we move the below shape the shape location changes are there but we need the associated links changes as well.

the below code gives the selected node changes but associated links which are attached to it are not present in the callback

event?.diagram?.selection.each((item) => {})

Is there any way to identify the links changed in this event?

The Diagram.selection collection only gives you the Parts that were selected. The GoJS Events -- Northwoods Software “SelectionMoved” DiagramEvent gives you the Parts that were moved in the DiagramEvent.subject collection.

But note that Links connecting both a moved Node and an unmoved Node will be re-routed even though those Links were not moved by the user’s dragging. So if you want to know about Links that were routed due to a drag, either look at all Links connected with moved Nodes in a “SelectionMoved” DiagramEvent listener or in a Changed listener. GoJS Changed Events -- Northwoods Software

Why do you want such a notification? Maybe you should implement GoJS Changed Events -- Northwoods Software