Selective tracking of changes in canvas

In our requirement we need to disable the tracking changes of canvas for a particular element inside a node.

Like we have a checkbox in one node and when we show hide the checkbox or check the checkbox we do not want to make the canvas as modified we have tried by setting the canvas.isModified = false but in that case our other changes also gets ignored by the canvas.

can you suggest a solution by which we can do it

I do not think there is an easy way to do that.

The most similar concept is the Diagram.skipsUndoManager property, which temporarily prevents the UndoManager from recording any ChangedEvents. But that property does not prevent Diagram.isModified from being set to true.

Would it be sufficient in your app just to track whether the Model (not the Diagram) has been modified? If so this would require your implementing your own “is-my-model-modified” property. I don’t know if that would work well enough for your purposes.