Selectively Printing Images made from makeImage

I have the current problem. Use a GoJS Diagram to represent a Ticket to be printed. A user can select a collection of tickets to print.

I have the following question:

How can I selectively print ticket i of total_selected_tickets

say that I represent each Ticket as a GoJS Diagram, then I can
call makeImage() on a particular diagram with the appropriate paper dimension.

The problem is that, since printing an Image from makeImage depends upon the CSS @print to
display the GoJS Image ID, how can I flexibly choose which imageID to print without mutating
the CSS?

Does this problem require that I use the SVG feature for printing?


I’m not too sure what you have in mind, but why don’t you use a single Image and set its src to the result of myDiagram.makeImageData(), instead of using makeImage(), that way you can target only a single image with your CSS.

Is there some reason that wouldn’t work, assuming you are just printing off one at a time?

This should work perfectly.