Session state mode set to "State Server"

GoDiagram was working fine while Session State Mode is set to “In process” but when Session State Mode is set to “State Server” in IIS we are getting the following message.

loading image... check Web.Config <httpHandlers><add verb="GET" path="GoWebImage.axd" type="Northwoods.GoWebImageHandler"/>

Web.Config does have “httpHandlers”.

What might be the reason?
Do we have to do anything while using “State Server” as Session State Mode?

Are you evaluating? State Server mode won’t work without being licensed.

But… if you’re evaluating… you shouldn’t be starting with GoDiagram Web, you should be using GoJS.

Thanks Jake,

Will it work, without being licensed, if we try to override those functions having session variables to get rid of those session variable?

Overriding is mentioned in the following thread

I don’t even remember writing that. I guess the answer is “maybe”. It might work, but I can’t imagine doing all that work just for an evaluation.

NOTE THAT GoJS HAS NO SESSION STATE. It wouldn’t be a problem with GoJS.

Thanks Jake,

I just found out that we do have a license so just setting the Session State to “State Server” should work or do we have to do anything else as well?

I’m not seeing any orders under your email address. Please contact me through Contact Us with your order number. I really can’t answer more without knowing what version you have rights to.