SetAngle method is resetting the scale transform

Hi Walter,

We have a feature to rotate as well as flip and for flip I am applying scale transform by setting ScaleX and ScaleY accordingly. But I see that when ever I do a flip and rotate the scale transform is resetting the ScaleX and ScaleY to 1,1. Because of which if I do a horizontal flip and rotate clockwise 90 deg or do a vertical flip and rotate clockwise 90 deg will result node to look the exact same.

How to avoid the resetting of scaletransform in SetAngle() in Parts?

Separate it into two elements. I suggest that you flip the element inside the panel that you rotate.

That wont work as the ports also shift in correspondence with the rotation and flip sequence.

We tried node.FindNamedDescendant(“Container”) for flip alone but the links were still holding to older locations.

We also tried node.SelectionElement for rotate and flip it works fine in link positions but only problem is ScaleTransform resetting in the SetAngle() in Parts class. and because of which we are facing the above issue.

Are you using a layout transform? A render transform that seems to move port elements doesn’t actually change their position.

Maybe what is resized or flipped should be inside what is rotated.