Setting location of a group

@walter, I have another question related to group node.
when I set location of group node in “SelectionMoved” DiagramEvent, location of the group node doesnt change accrodinly.
I’m not sure that I understand why.
This is group node template

			// define the group's internal layout
			layout: goMake(go.LayeredDigraphLayout, {
				direction: 90,
				layeringOption: go.LayeredDigraphLayout.LayerLongestPathSource,
			isSubGraphExpanded: true,
			selectionAdorned: false,
			avoidable: false,
			dragComputation: avoidOccupied,

Does the Group have a Placeholder?

If so, then the location of the group is determined by the area covered by the group’s members. Maybe you meant to call Group.move instead of just setting its position or location?

If not, then what you did could have worked.

Yes, there is a placeholder in the group. That works just fine! Thanks Walter.