Shall we create our own Icon/Symbol

Hi All,

I want to know that could we create our own Icons and Implement Animation on that Icon. For example I have to create one box and with the help of Animation I have to show opening and closing box on various events for example mouse move , mouse click etc.
I am waiting for replies and thanks in advance…

Arun Srivastava

Have you looked at the Processor and at the InstrumentDemo samples? They both demonstrate how you can use Timers to implement animation. InstrumentDemo actually has two separate timers, so that they can be controlled separately. I have also uploaded a simple extension of the BasicApp sample, AnimatedBasicApp: For what you describe, it sounds like you can put your icons in an ImageList, and have a Timer that just sets the GoImage.Index to the appropriate value as each fraction of a second goes by.

Hi, Walter,

Thanks for this help.But my objective is somewhat different.It is described as follows:
I have a box like
In the above images line is moving along top left corner of rectangle
Is there any clue to do this.

OK, then one possibility is to have a GoStroke of one segment (i.e. two points) where one point is always at the top left corner of your box, and where the other point is animated to follow a circular path, based on the length of the stroke that you want and treating the first point as the center of the circle.

Thanks again for quick reply. I will try this , Meanwhile if you have any sample Application regarding this then plz send me. but it is not very necessary…

Arun Kumar Srivastava