Shape Editor?

Would it be possible to implement a shape-editor with GoDiagram?

I would like to offer the end users with shape editing functionality that allows them to use existing shapes or create/edit/delete their own, and being able to define their properties and associate them to other existing shapes for grouping purposes when used in non-editing mode. My application would provide a set of tools that enable users to start with a predefined closed-loop Bezier spline selected from a template; then, they would use/add/remove existing knots to define their desired shape; furthermore, they can define properties of this new shape. Once done, the designed shape will be stored in the stencil for future use. When it is being used on a GoDiagram document, it can be placed and resized to the desired dimension; then it can be linked to other shapes (pipes, bitmap images, simple shapes, etc.) for supporting the respective operation.
Would you please advise how it could be done with GoDiagram?

That’s been done before. It will be even easier in the next release with the additional functionality that will be new in version 3. However, as before, GoDiagram does not impose any expectations or provide any implementations regarding storage formats and organization of shapes, since that can be very application-specific.

Just with the existing (2.6) release, it is pretty easy to create tools that allow the user to draw an open (a GoStroke) or a closed (GoPolygon) shape, and then reshape it. See, for example, the StrokeDrawingTool or the PolygonDrawingTool example classes in Demo1. Those could be made to draw Bezier curves too, instead of straight lines.

You would then add some facility for adding and removing points (segments) of those strokes/polygons/polybeziers. And you could add tools for specifying the brush and pen properties, if that is desired in your application. Northwoods.Go.Draw provides a start on Controls for that purpose, but we will be providing more and better Controls in version 3.


When the release 3 will be valid, and can you give me a link for testing?

Hi any ideas on a shape editor at this stage or just a bit of guidance how to approach a shape editor for GoDrawing?<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I started something along these lines a while back (as part of DrawDemo). But it never got finished.

I’ll email you a copy of the project as it sits.