Shape mirror reflection effect

It is possible to make something like mirror reflection of Shape ? I know is possible to set for example
angle: 180 but it isn’t the same.

Not at this time using the public API. What operations do you expect to support that depend on the mirrored Shape Geometry?

All time a have problem with svg icons. The icons points definitions are weird. When icons are display on the Go JS canvas then they look like up side down with mirror reflection, when icons are display on simple html page then they are display in proper way . I know i can use shape method angle: 180 to make icon not up side down but still a have problem with mirror reflection.

The best solution is to redefine icons points definitions but in some reason I can’t do this :/.

It is any possibility to make mirror reflection on the GoJS Shape ?
Any advice will be appreciated

What is the SVG that you are using?

This is svg definition:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?> Generated by IcoMoon

That SVG defines a few things but does not actually show anything.

When I display that long geometry path string in GoJS, using:

myDiagram.add($(go.Part, $(go.Shape, { geometryString: "F1 M0.176 424.512h109.824v-47.904h-109.824v47.904zM864 593.888h160v-47.904h-160v47.904zM882.224 774.096h-393.392v-74.96h-198.144v-95.136h-191.296v-432.624h432.624v95.152h191.28v114.144h158.944v393.424zM500.016 203.376h-368.624v368.624h368.624v-368.624zM691.296 298.528h-159.28v305.472h-209.328v63.136h368.608v-368.608zM853.136 409.776h-129.84v289.36h-205.36v45.872h335.2v-335.232zM793.296 216.272v96.624h-410.544v-301.84h410.544v90.512l163.024-90.512v301.84z" }), { location: new go.Point(0, 0) }));
I get this, when scaled down a bit:

Yes I know but my UX designer is strongly convinced that should display:

What do you see in any browser when you open an SVG file containing:

Here is the answer:

It’s mean the path is generated in incorrect way ?

I updated the image above (the GoJS screenshot) to include the one filled area.

Since what GoJS renders is the same as what all browsers render, I don’t see a problem with GoJS.

Maybe the problem is with how glyphs are defined or used.

Gad demet, my UX designer have generated icons not in svg file but inside json file :/.
2 days later…