Shape should be in center when resized

Following is the codepen link

In the model used -
“First Document” do not use any textAlign or textAlignFocus values, and shapes looks nice with centered text.
But when resized, shape gets moved on left side. It should remain in center.

Where as Second Document & Third Document uses textAlign and textAlignFocus values. When these values used, the bounds of node gets changed. The node should remain in centerl within these bounds ?

What needs to be changed in template ??

First, I notice that there is a “Spot” Panel that only holds one element. That’s unnecessary clutter and inefficiency.

Second, what does it mean to try to resize a whole Node (i.e. “Spot” Panel) when you want to control the alignment of the TextBlock relative to the main Shape? I don’t know what it is that you want resizing to accomplish.

Maybe you mean to resize the Shape? If so, just set Part.resizeObjectName to “SHAPE”.