Shape to emulate VS2005 ClassDesigner

Hi people.
Someone know if exists an free GoShape that emulate the Class shape of Class Designer in Visual Studio 2005.
I need to build some app that need tho edit a class diagram, and i like shapes of Class Designer of VS2005.


GoShapes are just simple geometrical objects that have a Brush and a Pen. What you want is a lot more sophisticated:

Where I can dowload version 2.3?
I have licence of 2.2, I need to do something special to upgrade, or 2.3 is consider a minor release?

I believe we sent e-mail announcing 2.3 to all purchasers and unlock code requestors that had an up-to-date support subscription. All minor (as well as major) releases do require either new license purchases or a support subscription.
You can always send e-mail to to ask about any licensing or purchasing questions.

Thanks Walter.
We buy GoDiagram in 2003, we develop one big app in 2003, and forget GoDiagram for a while.
The past month, we started a new app that need GoDiagram, because of this we ignore past messages about GoDiagram.
But, exists some “version” about your solution to GoDiagram 2.1 or 2.2??
Thanks by your support

I don’t know if that code will work in older versions, but you can try it.

No, doesnt work, IGoCollapsible doesnt exists in older version, because this I ask if you have a solution to do that in olders version.

Sorry my english, might be you dont understand my question.