Shapes and Links

Is it possible to add a shape to a link. For example click link and add a shape. add several shapes to that link. Is it possible or not? Also is there an example to do this. I am searching.

Link templates can have additional objects that are Shapes or entire panels, that get placed along the Link path.


Hi, I know a shapes and text can be on a link. I wanted to know is it possibly to dynamically add the shape to the link when you click on it. Is there an example somewhere? Thank you simon for your help. demonstrates having links hold a variable number of images (Pictures) in a row. The user can drag-and-drop images from the Palette onto a Link.

Looking at the code just now, I don’t see a way for the user to remove particular images from a row on a Link. But that could be done, perhaps using a context menu command, or by using a special modal tool to have the user click on Pictures in order to delete them, or maybe by drag-and-drop (as shown by the and samples).