We are trying to put the goWeb tool inside of sharepoint and have been able to get it to work under the Layouts directory. However we are having issues with the event handlers function. We place the following code in the Init routine but the events never seem to get called. However once we take it out of sharepoint and run it under an IIS virtual directory everything hooks up correctly and gets called. Has anyone else run into this issue or does anyone have any thoughts?

this.MyPalette.ObjectDoubleClicked += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoObjectEventHandler(this.MyPalette_ObjectDoubleClicked); this.MyView.LinkCreated += new Northwoods.GoWeb.GoSelectionEventHandler(this.MyView_LinkCreated);



Walter notes in an earlier request about Sharepoint to note that GoWeb requires Session State. This discussion of a different 3rd party within SharePoint may (or may not) shed some light…
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