Show Popup-Menu when creating new link


I’d like to show a Popup-Menu when creating new link.
The Popup-Menu should appear when the user releases the left mouse button.

I would like to show a Popup-Menu with possible following elements which could be directly created via the Popup-Menu.

How can I do this?

Thank you very much


You want this in addition to the node adornment to start link? My concern here is that port gravity (where a new link snaps to the closest available port) is going to conflict with this “create a link to here and then pick a node type from a menu”.

This would involve create a new GoToolLinkingNew class and overriding DoNoNewLink to create the node and then calling DoNewLink(this.OriginalStartPort, port); where port is the port on the new node you’ve created.

Works just as you have described it.
Thank you very much for your support