Show progresscondition for embed program

i make embed program (dll file) using GoDiagram win. when i execute my program, this program take long loading time so , i'd like to show progressing image or something to be know it easy . how i can make it ??

Is the long operation something that you do before the GoView becomes visible, or after it is visible?
Can you change the Control.Cursor? Why not use a ProgressBar? These choices have nothing specific to do with GoDiagram, of course.
If the GoView is visible, you could display almost anything there, including animation using a Timer, while waiting for the loading to finish in another thread.

It’s long operation that we do before the GoView becomes visible
and I’m using something in webpage but it’s not usefull.
and I include image. when i operate my program , I can see this image for almost 8~9 seconds. you can download and see.
i’d like to say dll file’s operation time is long.

I assume everything works fine after the download.
Does it start quickly the second time and all subsequent times? If the initial delay is due to downloading the assemblies, that’s the behavior you would expect.
There might be something you can do with the element to get the effect you want. This sounds like a problem that isn’t specific to GoDiagram, but would be true for any “rich-client”.
Or maybe you can have something else in front of the , or nearby, that you can remove when the is able to respond.