Showing more information at each port

Hi Walter,
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I want to know whether there is any inbuilt functionality of one requirement.
1) I have 2 nodes with 4 ports each. I have a 3rd node with 8 ports. Currently 4 ports of 3rd node is DIRECTLY connecting to 1st node and remaining 4 ports are DIRECTLY connecting to second node.
2) Now what I need is the 8 ports of 3rd node needs to be connected to 8 small circles. Which will have some text like A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H.
3) The 4 ports of 1st node needs to be connected to 4 new small circles which will have text like A,B,C,D.
4) The 4 ports of 2nd node needs to be connected to 4 new small circles which will have text like E,F,G,H.

Based on the port text A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H we will identify which node is connected to which node.

Is the title of this topic fairly describing what you are asking about?

Do you have a small screenshot or sketch showing what you want?

Today we have connections between nodes something like below, for us it is difficult to identify the connections:

Capture1 (1)

We need to provide a toggle button, When we click on the toggle, connections need to be displayed like below:

It will take some time for me to create an example for you. The basic idea is that for each link that connects a top node with a bottom node someone assigns a unique pair of color and letter. Then each link is replaced by a pair of small nodes using that color/letter pair and each of those is connected by new links to their original ports. Finally all of those small nodes are arranged in two rows.

Did you want those small nodes and replacement links to be in the model or not?

Yeah Walter, small nodes and replacement links need to be in model. I am working on it, I hope I can do it. Thanks for your responses.

By the way, I suggest using straight, not orthogonal, routing for those replacement links. That would be much clearer for users to see.

Ok Walter. Currently we are usingOrthogonal for linkTemplate. When I change diagram view to these new toggle connections, Can I dynamically change Orthogonal to straight routing.

They would be completely different links. I suggest using a different link category and template. So there’s no need to modify the existing links.

Sure Walter. Thanks.

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