Side by side Diff function in Tree Mapper?


I’m using GoJS v1.6.21 in developing company web site.
I wonder if GoJS have ‘side by side diff function’ in Tree Mapper like below demo.

First, I want to diff two different xml file(or json data) and show data using Tree Mapper,
and display(or visualize) side by side differences using like above jsdifflib demo.
Last, mapping between items of two sides and get json result from GoJS.

Please check and reply.
Thanks in advance.

It isn’t clear to me how jsdifflib helps demonstrate what it is that you want. I don’t see any tree structure at that page.

But you can certainly put two tree views next to each other, just as the Tree Mapper sample does, GoJS Tree Mapper.

If you can decide how to determine similarity between different subtrees, you could draw links between the different mismatching nodes. I suppose you could draw links for inserted or removed items too.