Silverlight PrintManager class


Is there any documentation or sample code on how to use the PrintManager class in the silverlight goxam control?

In the beta kits for version 1.1 the Planogram sample demonstrates printing. The initialization code is #if SILVERLIGHT4, so that the same sample sources work in Silverlight 3.

The latest beta kit has integrated Visual Studio/Microsoft Help (HTML Help 3/MSHC). The older beta kit just has a HTML Help 1/CHM file.

Did you have any particular question? What are you trying to do?

I am trying to export and image of the diagram and save it as an image. I have been able to use an writeablebitmap and store it as a png. The only problem with the method I am using is it only exports the visible part of the diagram. I was hoping there might be something in the PrintManager class which would help. I will download the kit now

You might be able to save it as an XPS document.

Although I now vaguely recall that that ability may have been removed for the typical scenario with the Silverlight 4 RC release for security reasons.