Silverlight vs WPF performance

Walter, I was wondering if you could expand on your statement:

“One caution is that Silverlight is distinctly slower than WPF, and that
is reflected in our experience with the same applications running with
GoSilverlight compared to running with GoWPF”

do you have any metrics?

In our experience silverlight apps (not GoXam yet) perform differently even on the same machine depending on which version of a specific browser is used, so I’d be interested in your own observations. Regards, Martin

I didn’t have any metrics. But I was curious, so just to compare basic execution speed, I tried the old takeuchi function:

[code] public void TestRecursion() {
DateTime before = DateTime.Now;
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
int result = tak(30, 20, 10);

public int tak(int x, int y, int z) {
  if (y < x)
    return tak(tak(x-1, y, z),
               tak(y-1, z, x),
               tak(z-1, x, y));
    return z;

On my machine, this averaged about 590 milliseconds per call in a WPF app and 910 milliseconds per call in a Silverlight app.

But in debug mode, the WPF code was actually slightly slower than in Silverlight.

I have any timings for running our GoXam unit tests, but they only run in debug mode, and they don’t show much difference between the two. So I don’t have any real timings using WPF or Silverlight. But that shouldn’t be hard to implement…

Thanks for that Walter. I’m trying to say don’t despair - app speed seems to vary and thus would wish you didn’t sound too pessimistic! Really looking forward to evaluating the Silverlight release! Regards, Martin