The Microsoft Silverlight (2.0) environment looks to deliver significant benefits. I will be expecting to move toward Silverlight in 2008, WinForms will become legacy.
Are there any plans to develop "GoDiagram for Silverlight"?

We did investigate such a product for WPF/e aka Silverlight 1.0, but decided against it. We are interested in doing so for the Silverlight releases that include .NET, but do not yet have any firm plans.

I will look forward to hearing about GoDiagram for Silverlight when Microsoft release Silverlight v2.0 beta.

I suspect this will be soon given the marketing push by Microsoft (Olympics, NBC, ABC, MGM, NBA, etc).

Has there been any update on Northwoods position now that Microsoft have released Silverlight 2.0 beta?

There hasn’t been any change in our position. I have looked at Silverlight 2.0 beta, and am somewhat concerned about the differences between Silverlight and WPF. However, I haven’t spent enough time on it to understand what the differences really are. In fact, I can’t find a good detailed description of the differences at all.

I have spent the last few days looking at Silverlight 2 beta 2.

Definitely worth looking at, Silverlight & WPF are now closer also there are many additions: Control Templates, Visual State Manager, Cross Domain, Background thread, Duplex, Data binding, etc...
Our architecture is being modified now to allow easy adoption of Silverlight in the future. We will definately be moving to Silverlight, commencing a few months after it is released. Hope 'GoDiagram for Silverlight' will be announced and well progressed in that timeframe .

V. keen to hear about firm plans for a Silverlight version of GoDiagram…

Is there any news re a GoDiagram for Silverlight? More and more companies seem to be going with Silverlight now and the next version of our main web application will also be written in Silverlight - it would be great to bring our existing GoDiagram code across too…

Thanks, James.

We’re making some changes to our WPF implementation to be more compatible with Silverlight, but there are so many differences between WPF and Silverlight that the port will not be that easy.

The design for WPF and Silverlight is quite different from that for WinForms and WebForms, so I would not expect much “presentation” code to be portable to the new platforms.

Thanks for such a speedy answer, Walter. I think the best thing for us to do then will be to assume a mixed environment in which our Silverlight application will occasionally use the browser to host some content.

Thanks, James.