Single sided links

How is it possible to create links with only one side attached to a port and the other size unattached to a port, but rather points to a point in the view.
I have tried programmatically to created such links but they don’t show up on the view. Only when the FromPort and ToPort of the link are assigned the link shows up.
We want to have objects that are automatically created with their links, thereby allowing the user to see the links instantly and then he can relink the links to existing objects.
For example: In state diagram, have the “yes” and “no” links already visible from the start, after the object is dragged into the view.
This feature exists in Visio, for example. You can drag a connector from anywhere in the view to anywhere else.
Yuval Naveh

The linking tools (GoToolRelinking, in particular) weren’t designed for this kind of scenario. It’s possible to get some of the behavior you want, but it requires some code changes which may or may not be easy to do in overrides.
We’ll see what we can do for the next release.

Maybe you should just use something like invisibles nodes on the other side of the link…!?

I guess I missed this note when looking for relevant posts.
Please read: