Small scrolling sometimes jump


I have a document that fits perfectly in my view. However, sometimes, the scroolbars are displayed (this is not a problem in itself, though it may appear strange).

The problem is that if the (0, 0) position of the document is not in the top left point of the view, any small scrolling (by clicking on the scroll bar button, by using the mouse wheel) will move the view so that the origin of the doc is back at the top (left) of the wiew in case of a vertical (horizontal) scrolling. This produces an ugly and large “jump” in the view.

Is there any way around this problem ?

Another question : If my document is smaller than my view, I’d still like to be able to pan the view, by pressing the buttons of the scrollbar. Is this behaviur easy to implement ?

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First: have you changed the size of the view in order to get into that situation, and so that one (or both) of the scrollbars is displaying the full extent of the document, but since the DocPosition doesn’t include the DocumentTopLeft corner, the scrollbar(s) is still needed?
Perhaps you want to override GoView.LimitDocPosition to behave in a different manner.
Second: why not make the document larger?